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Our games division develops webgames for various social platforms in Eastern-Europe and Russia, as well as international platforms such as Facebook.

We aim to become one of the leading companies specializing in web game entertainment. We avoid following hot trends blindly, instead, aiming to find and boldly set new trends.

In the end we see ourselves evolving even more into a unique developer, exploring untouched markets and trends, and discovering interesting ways to maximize our potential in various niches.

StreetRace 21

StreetRace 21 utilizes the simple and casual concept of the Blackjack game and even pushes it further, integrating it into a street race theme with constant adrenaline rushes, rivalry among friends and spurring desire for quest, fame and glory.
Players can unlock new tracks, ranging from downtown police car chases, right through to the adrenaline-filled race on train tracks. Automatic match-making eliminates all the tedious waiting and search for worthy opponents.

Golden Bridge

Golden Bridge is a game of bluff and wit. Players try to predict each others moves, competing for the highest score, turn by turn, move by move. Bets of virtual money are placed before each game commences - the most cunning takes it all!
Players can buy new game pieces to show off, as well as unlock new exotic locales where stakes are higher and opponents smarter.

Angels & Demons

Is your friend a person of sin or of virtue? How about you? Angels & Demons is a role-playing game that allows you to explore the entangled bureaucracy of both Heaven and the Underworld. Players take sides in the eternal conflict between light and darkness, good and evil. The battle for the hearts and souls of men begins...
It just might be that the choices you make in this game will determine the crucial tipping point of this epic struggle!

Perfect World

Perfect World is something of a cross between a postcard application and a world-building game. Players decide how they wish their perfect world to look like, together with what objects, characters and concepts should be found there. Should it be full of money and glam? Or pink candy and fluffy clouds? Or perhaps full of madmen with electric saws and threatening robots bent on destroying the world?
Create worlds on a whim with ease, share them with your friends and then,
if your mood has changed, create another!


Portal of Vegas-themed social mini-games, where player assumes role of professional gambler and competes with his friends for fame, money and stylish items.