Stay tight, focused and don’t give up. Don’t ever become just another outsourcing farm.
As a developer, better to keep a share in your projects, thus ensuring you’re keenly interested in success of the product.
Don’t copy. Innovate. This will allow you to be one step ahead in the race. On the other hand, inventing a bicycle is just silly.
Niks Andersons
Director/Board member
Determined fellow with an 8 year administrative experience, used to be obsessed with games in student years. A wish to know everything new and boldly outpace all possibilities.
Nauris Krauze
Art Director/Producer
Artist/illustrator with 9 years of experience in the game industry. Nauris has worked with such companies as GarageGames, Twin Bottle, CTXM, 21-6, Max Gaming Technologies, Casual Mechanics, GAMEINVEST and others.
Prior to entering game development, Nauris was a TV director.
Krists Dadzītis
Programmer with 7 years of experience in developing applications.
Worked as a freelance Software Engineer and Web Developer. Developed numerous experimental graphic applications and games.
Toms Āboltiņš
Sales Director
IT & business background for 7 years. Studied at Vienna University of Economics and Business, Institute for Enterpreneurship and Innovation.
Previously Sales Director/Board Member at Mobile Education ltd, and Investment/Sales at IT&M ltd.
Simona Šarlovska
Marketing Director
Inspirer who believes in impossible and loves to create. Been around marketing since 2007, worked as a marketing and events manager in companies like "RE&RE" Ltd, Dance center "Spektrs", Ideju Instituts" Ltd and many more events projects. Has bachelor in PR.